Tuesday, April 17

kitchen sink

So the little man had quite the sad tush.  We tried normal methods (Desitin, Vaseline, powder).  We tried abnormal methods (browned flour).  The browned flour nearly did the trick, but not quite.  So after weeks and weeks of sadness, I looked up some 'natural' diaper rash methods.  And here we are.  Baking soda baths in the smallest tub I could find (who wants to use a giant bathtub when you're doing this 4x a day?).  Cornstarch works too but cloudy bathtubs bother me.  I'm also discovering the many uses for tea tree essential oil (boy, does it smell good!).

Baby A really likes baths in the sink.  Dustin thinks it's because he gets to be up on our level.  I think it's because he gets to be in water without his rowdy siblings.  Either way, the tush is cleared up, A is happy, and we are happy.
 And afterwards I let him pull my stretchy drawstrings.  This makes him crazy happy.

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