Friday, April 13


Trees are leafing.
All the apple trees are lovely.  We had a windy day yesterday and the peeps were convinced it was snowing in the front yard with all the petals flying around from our neighbor's tree.
These have been out for a few weeks.  Wild rose, or so I hear.
Interesting to have a close look at unfurling, yes?
The hydrangeas are getting an early start.
As are the lilacs.
And, of course, there are many of these in the backyard.  S&P think I love nothing more than a bowl full of beautiful dandelions, hand picked by them with love.
Spring here is usually lots of crazy weather, but this year it has been super beautiful, really tame.  I don't miss the snow, but when our grass all dies in June I think we'll wish we'd gotten more!  I've been getting ready for this 1/2 marathon; it happens on Sunday.  My training schedule looks like this - the yellow = all days I completed.  I'm feeling good, not looking for any sort of personal record, and think it will be a fun morning.  If nothing else I'm certain the new tech shirt will come in handy!
Ironically, after 3 weeks of weather in the 60s-70s, the forcast high is 45 and it's supposed to snow.  Oh, fickle Colorado.

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