Tuesday, March 5

birthday bug

Our Adam turned 2 this weekend!  He is beautiful, adventurous, opinionated, silly, and countless other things.  His tickle giggles make everyone giggle!  He is one of my favorite little boys.  We had donuts and gifts and cake and hit up a park after dinner, staying until bedtimes.  It was a day full of celebrating.

While I was frosting cupcakes I got to thinking about how parenthood is many things: the marathon & the  sprint, the learning & the relearning, the late night comfort & the early morning snuggles, the praise & the admonishment, the hugs hello & the kisses goodbye, the sweet & the bitter, and always the growing, growing, growing.  Seasons pass so swiftly around here that it can be hard to take it all in until after the fact.   I can only try to be present.  Few things can compare with truly knowing your own children.

Happy Birthday, son of mine.

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Cara said...

Aww...beautiful! Miss you, dear friend! So happy that you're living in the present and enjoying all your little ones. Love you!