Thursday, March 14

oatmeal love

Is there anything more funny than watching an adult feed a baby?  I think not.  We're skipping rice cereal entirely this time, like I did with Adam.  Noah's down with it!  He's a bit unsure on the butternut squash, and super unsure about the pumpkin.  But when we trade it out for the oatmeal, he gobbles it down.  He's also totally down with Naked Time.

We've been playing lots of dominos lately - Paige talks a lot of trash for a 4 year old girl, and Seth likes to say to me, "Ohhh, I'm gonna make you mad!" before he plays.  This is kinda strange since I've not gotten angry playing dominos, but he's out to get me so much that it's funny.  What's the deal?!  They're feisty.  It does bring to mind particularly vicious games of Sorry! played with my brother & sister when we were kids.  Maybe that's where we learned sarcasm, 'cause we were never really sorry.

Paige did Seth's portrait for him earlier this week.  Look at those beautiful blue eyes.  Can't wait for her to do mine!!

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mirandagail said...

ha :) too cute post!