Tuesday, August 19

busted lips and book nooks

The playdoh lizard is wearing a top hat.  Did you notice?

Noah digs scooters.  Fortunately, he thinks helmets are an everyday accessory.  Unfortunately, his rides are not always smooth.  He was a sad puppy after this crash - understandably so! - but is definitely a back on the horse kind of kid and beelines for it whenever possible.

His birthday is next week and he has upped his mess-making game in a big way lately.  This morning I was carting Adam down the stairs (he broke his leg - more on that later - and I am trying really hard to keep him away from stairs) and in his 126 seconds of alone time, Noah...unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper, colored on my planner and then threw 60 markers on the floor in the dining room, took a red dry erase marker to the beautiful blue-grey wall that used to have a marker board on it, and pulled open the dishwasher to climb onto the door in a futile yet clever attempt to consume crackers just out of his reach.  I came down to see his small hands waving about wildly - 6 inches higher than I would expect.  After surveying this handiwork, I thought to myself, "Now this, this is a contribution worthy of a two year old."

Adam sleeps in his book nook all the time now, but really, wouldn't you too?

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mirandagail said...

that is one beautiful, sad, little boy!