Thursday, August 14

self portraits and shoe hugs

I keep finding Paige-portraits on the camera.  I like that she was still enough for the auto focus to work - those blurs can be difficult to interpret. Adam has started making "shoe hugs" (his term).  He typically does this when he is supposed to be picking them up, so no surprise that he turned the situation to his liking.  He clasps his hands together in delight and proclaims, "They love each other with their big hugs!"

We have been blessed with beautiful weather lately and we are thankful to fall into bed each night tired from lots of sunshine and blue skies.  The peeps are all back to room sharing and everyone is sleeping much better.  Adam has fantastic dreams and often wakes up in the wee hours and comes to find me, certain that the dream is real and happening that very moment.  "There is a teeny tiny orange dragon in the mailbox!  And if we go check for our mail he will sneeze fire on us.  I turned on the front porch light.  Let's go get the mail, Mama.  I think he is waiting for us - with hiccups!"  The clock reads 2:28.  Oh, I love him.

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Cara said...

A tiny orange dragon in the mailbox - I love it! What an amazing imagination! David usually has dreams that someone else ate the last cookie and he is quite devastated! :)