Sunday, August 31

boot boppin'

Adam is getting around quite nicely in his boot.  Sometimes I think he gets around a bit too well (would it be so bad to sit and be still?!) but there is little that slows him down.  He goes back to the doctor in another week.

I did hear this entertaining conversation a few days ago...
Sibling:  just pretend your leg is a caterpillar
Adam:  'kay, like this? *wriggles his toes and waves foot from side to side*
Sibling:  I'll just make this nice and cozy.  *sound of velcro, lots of velcro* Look!  Now you're a pupa.
Adam:  Yay. Yay!  What's a pupa.
Sibling:  It's a caterpillar's sleeping bag.  Just wait.  Be real still and then we'll take off the boot and your leg will be a butterfly!
Adam:  I hope it's a blue one.  Or green.  Green is my favorite color.
Sibling:  This is taking a long time.  *sigh* Let's see if the toothbrushes will stick down in your boot too.
Adam: Mammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaa!!

The other peeps are desperate to add his boot to their doctor kit.  Think of the adventures they will have once that hits the rotation!

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