Wednesday, September 24

camping, but not really

We took the peeps to Vogel State Park last weekend.  The last time we went camping was a few  weeks before Noah was born (at one of our favorites, Sylvan Lake - everyone in CO should go there)!  That was a long time ago.  When we considered camping this year, we decided that a cabin was gonna have to cut it.  Maybe we'll reconsider for 2015, but for now it was the way to go.  Everyone was safe and in one place (our tent is too small for 6, and S&P aren't yet ready to break in their "kids" tent) and we had a sweet 3 days.  I loved all the bridges over creeks, Paige found caterpillars, Seth mastered marshmallows, Adam had pockets continuously full of rocks, Noah scampered about, and Dustin reveled in the breezy, cooler weather.  We came back both tired and rested at the same time.

And look!  God grew peas in our garden.  Seth is all about their timely consumption.

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