Sunday, September 14


Suddenly it got all sweltery a few weeks ago and the kind of humid that makes you remember why you wanted to go back to school right after Labor Day as a kid (can you believe school years used to start then?!).  Sticky-icky, jump in the pool and stay until your fingers and toes wrinkle kind of summer days.  We are so thankful that Adam was put into a boot (which is now off, wahoo), so he could still swim, shower, and rest easy at night.

In an unexpected twist, the flowers all started profuse blooming in late August.  And by that I mean - there were no blooms until late August, at all.  Not one!  Apparently I was still on Colorado time and planted them a wee bit late.  And I just noticed there is an iris (an iris!) blooming just this morning by our bedroom window.  Tennessee or Colorado, that can't be right.

Noah turned 2 and it was clear right away that he totally understood that it was his day.  On the way home from donuts, we heard him singing the Happy Birthday song - only a parent could understand those lyrics, but the melody was distinguishable.  After his nap he pulled a chair over to where my bag hangs and liberated the 2 candle and lighter.  He brought them to me and blew that candle out at least 30 times in 8 hours.  He got a scooter and a 2-year blanket and cupcakes and so many kisses.  Oh, Noah.  My giggly, wiggly Noah.  You are wonderful.

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mirandagail said...

Love the pic of your 4!! AND your needle work! AND I saw an iris in Dunlap recently...CRAZY!