Sunday, October 12

caterpillar and cache

The last visitor scored their own Lego cruiser and I can't recall this one's name, but they stayed for 3 days and left with all fuzz intact (whew).  I am hoping this year's caterpillar adventures have ended.  Paige has moved on to hunting blue tailed lizards (thankfully none yet caught).  We went to a fair a while back and it was a grand time.  S&P were hot, sticky and tired.  There were animals and snacks and cheerleaders and rides and even a Lego competition.
I found that Adam had appropriated the bathroom stool a while back; it was sitting by his bed one night when I did the usual pull-up-covers-kiss-you-once-more.  Favorite tool, car, allowance, bug book and Bob???  What little boy dreams are made of.

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