Wednesday, October 22

a few moments

I love that Paige has the entire platter of cantaloupe in the first photo (the pic is from Sept but I just came across it).  Noah loves to dip pulled pork in yogurt.  Actually, he loves to dip everything in...anything.  He is our condiment baby.
The camera is mostly put away lately - not enough hours in the day.  I can hardly believe we're coming up on November (wasn't August just a few weeks ago?!).  Everyone is growing and going (and going and going).  Noah has said goodbye to his morning snooze.  This makes our mornings much louder.  He held on to it for a long while, but with tears, walks, popsicles and parental fortitude, I do believe they are a thing of the past.  The poor thing must be exhausted, keeping up with all his bigs.  This morning I watched him just running around the downstairs in a big loop, trying to follow anyone that came into his line of vision.  He doesn't want to miss anything, and puts his shoes on immediately upon crib-freeing each morning.  I imagine he will be the youngest to self-jacket and learn zippers - and maybe the phrase "me too!"


Milo X said...
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Milo X said...

Someone set up us the fruit. All your cantaloupes are belong to Paige. You have no chance for leftovers. Make your time. Move ZIG. For great justice.