Wednesday, October 29


It occurred to me recently that my parents actually taught me how to play all those games I know how to play.  And that Dustin and I will have to teach the peeps how to play them all too!  Oh man.  I think there could be big money in something like Board Game Day Camp.  Aside from dealing the abject despair of someone's great loss every now and then, games are starting to be [lots more] fun.  Right now we play a lot of dominoes, checkers, Crazy 8s, and Candy Land.  I'm thinking this winter we can add Guess Who?, Uno, maybe Battleship (with rules; they currently like to "play" it).  Oh!  Animal Rummy!  Surely we can cultivate more game loving Spricks.

The neighbors across from us had some work done in their backyard last week.  Adam and Noah opened all of the windows, made snacks, moved chairs and bundled up to watch the action for a surprisingly solid amount of time.  Fresh air and happy, stationary little boys?  Yes, please.

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