Friday, September 25

Mudstache Run

Seth's Trail Life troop had their Mudstache Run a few weeks ago and Dustin took the Big Three. There was a lot of mud.  Adam was sadly not a big fan (what an understatement!), but they all finished and sleep in their hard-earned race shirts.  If you remember, ask Adam what he thought of his mud run - I've heard replies like "worst day OF MY LIFE", "was not fun AT ALL", "I'm not doing that again, no way".

We also went to Paige's AHG Family Fun Camp, and it was fun for all.  Canoes, fishing, playing, friends, s'mores - what's not to love?  Seth took right to fishing and enjoyed himself immensely.  Noah did drop his paddle and fell out of the canoe reaching for it, but thankfully I was tying my shoe and missed Dustin's speedy rescue!  It is better for a mother to miss some things.

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