Friday, September 4

northeast trip, take 2

My Uncle Don and Aunt Katie live on a beautiful "pond" and we had days of tractors, boats, naps, and games.  Dustin and Paige were all about the water games.  The weather was lovely, the company entertaining, and it was sweet to see my grandparents a bit more.  My cousins Lauren and Molly were home for a bit and it was so fun to see them as adults (we saw them last at our wedding!).
On the way home, we each chose our second favorite part of the trip (first being family, of course)...
Noah: Lindsay and Samantha's trampoline!
Adam: fireworks at Uncle Brandon's!
Paige: the boat!
Seth: the boat!
Allison: really great food that I didn't cook!
Dustin: being on the water!

It was lots of miles and hours in the car, but what a sweet adventure.

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